AMT Software

A fastidious custom software developer and IT solutions provider, with an emphasis on client satisfaction and honest communication.

About AMT Software

Prioritizing quality and client satisfaction, we were able to achieve Upwork's Top Rated status in the minimum time possible, and hold 100% Job success score on the platform. We consistenly receive stellar reviews, maximum ratings and repeat work from past clients. Our software, scripts and solutions have received praise for exceeding the minimum job requirements, having extra features and thorough exception handling functionality.

We have completed projects involving: Multithreaded GUI and CLI programming with varying levels of logic complexity for all major platforms, utilizing Python 3 with QT/Tkinter and Java with Swing; Numerical and strings extraction, manipulation and processing; Webpage scraping; API integration (Google and Amazon); 3d modeling and rendering with Blender; Graphics creation and automated manipulation; FFMPEG scripting; Multi class classification using Machine learning and automation in Windows/Linux

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